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Writing placement exam preparation can be broken down into small tasks overseen by Peer Leaders, following (though not precisely) patterns set out by Fred Keller in “Good-bye Teacher” in 1968. The mechanical aspect of writing, however, is never enough for the production of essays that communicate, something that requires audience and a desire to “speak.” Students in developmental classrooms often have problems beyond the writing itself: they may be test shy and may not be prepared to take on even college entry tasks without careful direction. Working with Peer Leaders, the developmental program can address the problems of mechanics and testing demands, the Peer Leaders taking on some of the responsibility for guiding students through the tasks. PLTL can also help address the broader problems of preparation for college and even for critical thinking, the Peer Leaders serving as role models.


This work was originally published in Conference Proceedings of the The Peer-led Team Learning International Society Inaugural Conference, Brooklyn, NY.



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