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We are on a threshold of a revolution in technology education where human knowledge is increasing at an extremely rapid rate. In the wake of these technological advancements, the required workforce skills and competencies are constantly changing. This combination of human knowledge and technological advancements is placing a demand on educators to prepare students with strong integrated technical skills in their selected educational discipline, as well as professional skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. The purpose of the Academic Scholarship Program at the New York City College of Technology – City University of New York was to develop a comprehensive experience to prepare students for such demands of the workforce. The program consisted of extra-curricular activities and educational programming to enhance the classroom experiences of the scholars. The academic, professional development and internship activities were tracked in order to determine and enumerate and the impact of the scholarship program. The impact of this program is reported through the attainment summary of the program’s educational objectives, institutional academic support, professional development, student retention rates, and a review of workplace initiatives of the Academic Scholars Program.


This work was originally published in Journal of STEM Education: Innovations and Research.



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