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The average family spends more than $1000 in water costs per year. One-way water is commonly wasted in many households is via inefficient sprinkler systems for lawns. Current technology has enabled the development of automatic sprinkler systems, which can be preconfigured to operate at desired times of day and intervals. Although these systems may reduce the amount of water utilized overall, they are not weather forecast aware. In situations when rainfall is upcoming the systems still water the lawn. In this project, we plan to implement a smart sprinkler system that has full awareness of upcoming weather and take account of environmental conditions in the past and present. We will utilize the latest cloud computing technology and take account of environmental conditions to create a smart dynamic watering solution. Our system will maximize the cost effectiveness and efficiency regarding water utilization and flexibility.


This poster was presented at the 29th Semi-Annual Honors and Undergraduate Research Scholars Poster Presentation at New York City College of Technology, Dec. 5, 2018.