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There is no such field where technology hasn’t reached. It will be a dream to think something without technology. In today’s world every field requires tech knowledge. The courtroom and law offices have changed with the evolution of technology. Most courts don’t accept paper files anymore. Law offices use virtual file to store client information. However, due to old age or other reason a significant number of attorneys and judges are not competent in technology.

This paper will examine the use of technology in our legal system and what problem arises due to lack of proper tech knowledge. Increasing use of computer and internet in the courtroom and law office, trial presentation, keeping client’s confidential data secure, legal researching, e-filing document with the court require tech knowledge. This paper will discuss the necessity of tech knowledge, ethical obligation, expert’s opinions and case laws to demonstrate that to practice laws nowadays requires tech knowledge.

After examining all relevant materials, this paper has revealed that to comply with the digital world all legal professionals should have enough tech knowledge for better litigation and avoid errors in the litigation.


This poster was presented at the 29th Semi-Annual Honors and Undergraduate Honors Scholars Poster Presentation at New York City College of Technology, December 6, 2018.

Mentor: Prof. M. Moran, Law and Paralegal Studies.



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