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Lower Manhattan comprises less than 1% of the entire city’s land area, but generates almost 10% of the city’s total economic output, as measured by Gross City Product, and is the location of over 10% of all New York City jobs. Workers in Lower Manhattan come from all parts of the city. The District’s growth is supported by excellent access to transit, with 19 out of 25 subway lines and 26 ferry lines passing through the District. Any climate impacts in the District will resonate across the city as a whole and beyond. Because Lower Manhattan is a critical economic, cultural, and civic hub for New York City and the region, the impacts of climate change on Lower Manhattan will make a big impact in the District. In other words, a plan for action is needed to ensure that Lower Manhattan’s vitality and growth continues in this century and into the next Lower Manhattan’s physical conditions present both vulnerabilities and opportunities. The District on the whole is characterized by a distinctive, densely developed mix of tall, newer towers and a large proportion of old, historic buildings. These older buildings are particularly vulnerable and challenging to adapt due to their age and structure. The District also has particularly low-lying topography in some areas, dipping below the aging bulkhead at the coastal edge. This research will recognize the unique mix of challenges and opportunities in Lower Manhattan and builds on existing efforts towards the long-term climate adaptation and resilience of the District.


This poster was presented at the 30th Semi-Annual Honors and Undergraduate Research Scholars Poster Presentation at New York City College of Technology, May 1, 2019.

Faculty Mentor - Elizabeth Parks Department of Architectural Technology.



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