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Spring 6-2019


Background: Oral rapid HIV testing (ORHT) is implemented in the dental setting to make individuals aware of their possibly undiagnosed HIV infection. The testing process and characteristics of clients willing to receive ORHT has yet, however, to be systematically collected. Case description: Three dental hygiene clinics located in academic institutions implemented ORHT from March 2016 to April 2017. Results: 231 persons received ORHT; all had non-reactive results. Most had seen a primary care provider in the past year (n = 130), had had a previous ORHT (n = 111), and described themselves as extremely likely or likely to accept a chairside screening in the future (n = 169). The main reason cited for accepting ORHT was that it was free (n = 138). Conclusion: In order to ensure everyone living with HIV is aware of their infection, HIV testing should be expanded into non-traditional settings. The dental setting may help achieve this important public health milestone.


This work was originally published in Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene.



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