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We have designed a lab manual based on Felder-Silverman learning style model (FSLSM) and the flipped classroom model for engineering education. This lab manual is developed for early junior year course of “Microcomputer Systems Technology” and emphasizes student-centered active learning experiences with more practical exercises and open-ended questions. Instead of taking traditional assembly language to study computer architecture, we are looking for a different approach to teach students to learn the assembly language by embedding an inline assembly language module into a C program. Our lab guide consists of online videos and practical exercises on various platforms including Microsoft Windows OS, Linux OS, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Community. With this new approach, students will be able to design creative lab projects instead of following a lab procedure. Students are able to work on the platform using multiple programming languages (C/C++ and Assembly), and multiple hardware devices (PC or Laptop, x86 device, Linux). With the new lab manual design, we guide students to preparatory contents and materials before coming to class by various activities described in online videos and practice exercises, etc. This lab-learning approach combined with the principle of flipped classroom and engineering learning styles can provide additional opportunities to advance students’ engagement in the studies of computer engineering technology.


Presented at the 2018 ASEE Northeast Section Conference, University of Hartford.



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