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Our co-taught course focuses on theater history, with an emphasis on performance architecture. Assignments are designed to illuminate the ways in which architectural design and technology inform performance practices and audience reception. The pivotal assignment for exploring interdisciplinarity is a three-week module on mapping historical theaters in New York City. Open-source Global Information Systems (GIS) software serves as a common mechanism for students to situate theatrical productions in the context of the built urban environment, deepening their understanding of the social, economic, and artistic forces that contributed to performance culture. Mapping is a shared pedagogy for analyzing and presenting research findings from different fields. Learning how to collect, analyze, and map data is also a general education skill that can be applied to disciplines across undergraduate curricula.


Originally published as Chin T., Swift C. (2019) Mapping Urban Performance Culture: A Common Ground for Architecture and Theater. In: Lansiquot R., MacDonald S. (eds) Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Virtual Place-Based Learning. Palgrave Pivot, Cham.



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