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The virtual exploration of place has been employed in a variety of learning environments across many disciplines, creatively expanding upon the experience of place. This chapter explores the value of mapping environmental data as a tool that can enhance students’ virtual exploration of place as they investigate local environmental policies and problems within their own urban surroundings. This visualization project engages students in making meaningful connections between the theoretical study of local and global environmental problems and the “observation” and investigation of these data using mapped data. The virtual learning environment is viewed as one that is interactive, exploring how the resources of urban settings can be cultivated in designing virtual methodologies, and where the experience of place can be realized as geographic place.


Originally published as MacDonald S.P. (2019) Visualization and Analysis of Environmental Data. In: Lansiquot R., MacDonald S. (eds) Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Virtual Place-Based Learning. Palgrave Pivot, Cham.



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