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Spring 2020


An across-the-curriculum (ATC) approach to undergraduate research (UR) is a productive addition to UR ecosystems at equity-oriented institutions. The ATC approach is differentiated from mentored UR experiences and laboratory course-based UR experiences by its ability to employ experiential, problem-based skills and practices for a broad variety of informal research activities at all levels of curriculum and without special facilities. In doing so, the ATC model encourages faculty to make the application of twenty-first-century student learning outcomes explicit for students who are new to research so that they see how inquiry, knowledge creation, and other aspects of problem-solving are used in practical ways that translate to professional and community contexts.


Corbett, Patrick, and Jody R. Rosen. "Supporting Twenty-First-Century Students with an Across-the-Curriculum Approach to Undergraduate Research." Scholarship and Practice of Undergraduate Research 3 (2020): 4-13.



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