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Summer 2021


Lightning strike protection (LSP) have recently been a newly developing field particularly with the emergence of graphene thin film integration into carbon fiber composite structures. This technology has a widespread application in airplanes, wind turbines, and other instruments which are susceptible to frequent lightning strikes. Electrical discharge of the instrument in a safe manner is vital for the safety of the passengers (in the case of flights) as well as the integrity of the aircraft structures because of their specific mechanical and structural properties, which are essential for their functioning. The purpose of the study is to fabricate graphene thin film coated carbon fiber composite structures for assessment with simulated lightning strikes. This study will look at different methods for incorporating GTF (graphene thin film) into Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic and assess the electrical conductivity through methods such as compressive molding, Resin Transfer molding fabrication to achieve highly conductive functionalized nanosized GTFs, integrated with carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs). The method developed must reduce the resistivity of the CFRP and provide a safe discharge outlet for the lightning strikes. In the current study we will develop GTF using GNP impregnated polymers. Electrospinning process will be one of the processes implemented to develop the GTF. The purpose would be develop viable methods for the fabrication of graphene thin film material, and simulated testing of lightning strikes.


Mentor: Dr. Akm S. Rahman Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Technology Director-Composite and Biomaterials Laboratory New York College of Technology.

This report was prepared under the partial fulfilment of CUNY Research Scholars Program (CRSP), Summer 2021.



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