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This recipe guides academic librarians through author consultations related to predatory or questionable publishers. Lists of predatory journals provide quick answers to questions but leave authors in the dark. The focus of the consultation is to closely examine negative and positive indicators for a specific journal. Although it is valuable for authors to learn the signals of predatory journals, it is equally if not more important to emphasize tools like Think.Check.Submit that stimulate critical and analytical thinking about publishing choices. The consultation will result in a more empowered and scholarly information literate colleague and provides opportunities to introduce authors to important aspects of scholarly communications, particularly how to wisely choose a publisher. This recipe enables the librarian to be knowledgeable about the characteristics and behaviors of predatory journals. It also provides guidance on how to approach this challenging topic without being prescriptive and judgmental and confidently navigate difficult discussions that may arise.


Berger, Monica. “Teaching Authors about Predatory Journals in the One-on-One Consultation.” In The Scholarly Communications Cookbook, edited by Brianna Buljung and Emily Bongiovanni. Chicago: ACRL, 2021. Licensed CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.



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