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This paper discusses the creation of a robotic concentration with four courses to meet the industry demands for qualified graduates in product design and services. Advances in computer technology and electronics have created a new field called mechatronics. Nowadays almost all high tech products are mechatronics in nature. Products such as automotive subsystems (such as anti-lock braking systems and automatic steering systems), medical devices, environmental monitoring systems, service and surgical robots are all mechatronic products. The robotic concentration focus on one of the most popular and visible area of mechatronics: robotics. The creation of the four courses: Embedded Systems Fundamentals, Actuators and Sensors, Control Systems, and Robotic Design and Applications is aimed at addressing the important issues of proper scaffolding for the engineering technology students in three engineering technology departments so that students will be able to engage in product design and development using integrated concurrent engineering and multidisciplinary approach.


Ummy, M., & Wang, Y., & Xiao, A., & Zhang, A., & Zia, F. (2018, August), A Hands-on Robotics Concentration Curricula in Engineering Technology Programs Paper presented at 2018 ASEE Conferences - Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration / San Antonio proceedings, San Antonio. © 2018 American Society for Engineering Education.



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