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Fall 2021


IKOS has continued to monitor the nursing information behavior (NIB) of home care nurses. In earlier reports we described how we developed an online taxonomy of NIB. We then took on a qualitative analysis of video representations of home care nursing in the pandemic. Merging the codes from two rounds of open coding yielded a set of categories (or axes) that could be used to construct a narrative analysis. Contextual quotations from the video transcripts further reveal the intensity of the potential taxonomic extension. The importance of this research for knowledge organization is the understanding we develop concerning shifting taxonomies in the NIB environment.


Smiraglia, Richard P., Edmund Pajarillo, Elizabeth Milonas and Sergey Zherebchevsky. "Shifting Taxonomies in Home Care Nursing Information Behavior: Patients, Pandemic, Community" IKOS Bulletin, V3, No. 1, Autumn 2021.



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