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On October 29, 2012, Superstorm Sandy caused nearly $19 billion in damages in New York City including damage to 69,000 residential units. A precipitated amount of roughly $4.2 billion in Community Development Block Grant was allocated towards PDR construction. These funds addressed a range of needs, including rebuilding and rehabilitating housing, assisting displaced tenants, and providing aid to businesses. Post-Disaster Rebuilding (PDR) is similar to construction in the modification of an existing facility that involves either renovation, additions, or subtractions to scopes of work to assist the overall performance of the facility. However, PDR goes further in a highly coordinated process involving planning for future disaster events, integrating a temporary facility plan for those displaced, and tackling housing issues for all those affected by natural disasters. PSF (project success factors) consist of activities or elements that are required to ensure the successful completion of the project. Researchers have discussed literature PSF for PDR projects on topics including the importance of shared data modeling for interdisciplinary exchange of information for effective communication and risk reduction, formulating a holistic PDR approach that can be effective and adaptable to future reconstruction efforts (and inclusive of all stakeholders), and assessing the experience levels of all team members. However, existing research into the assessment of the goals for PDR projects is limited, warranting an investigation of construction success factors as it applies to PDR efforts to improve equitable community resettlement and sustainable and resilient structure.

A review of the literature was generated to identify accepted project success factors in construction projects, such as the case study of PDR response to Hurricane Sandy in New York City, in helping to identify common themes for success factors. Specifically, three areas will be examined from the case study: 1) Strategy/planning, 2) Resiliency and 3) Communication. Implementing these strategies in PDR projects will assist in the further understanding and success of reconstruction projects in this field of work.


This poster was presented at the 35th Semi-Annual Dr. Janet Liou-Mark Honors & Undergraduate Research Poster Presentation, Dec. 2, 2021. Mentor: Prof. Anne Marie Sowder (Construction Management and Civil Engineering Technology).



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