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Quantum computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning – these are all highly engaging, though oft-mysterious fields. Graced with the mystique of quantum mechanics, its applied offspring – quantum computing – is often subject to the same scientific misinformation, with many articles on the internet providing a false and often intentionally misleading depiction of the science. This project focuses, then, primarily on research in recent trends in fundamental and applied physics, with an emphasis on quantum computing. The outcome is an electronic newsletter published on Open Lab by the end of the Spring 2021 semester, each issue of which will contain no less than seven accurate and reputable articles about quantum computing and related fields.

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide reliable information to students, professors, and the general public about this innovative and often mysterious field. To make them more accessible, each article link contains an originally-written blurb to contextualize information. Information for the newsletter was found, researched, analyzed via scientific and academic articles on the internet, open-source journals, and journals accessible through the City Tech Library. Additional understanding of the material is provided by City Tech’s own Introduction to Quantum Computing course.


This poster was presented at the 34th Semi-Annual Dr. Janet Liou-Mark Honors & Undergraduate Research Poster Presentation, May 5, 2021. Mentor: Prof. German Kolmakov (Physics).