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Covid-19 is a global pandemic that affected many people that includes students from all different parts of the world. In this case, the research would focus on the Radiologic Technology and Medical Imaging program students at New York City College of Technology, who must do hands-on learning in order to accomplish the experience required for the degree.

One of the hardest obstacles that radiologic students must go through are the ones that are unable to be online. One example of those required classes would be the Clinical Rotation. It is mandatory for the radiologic student to go to a required hospital site and complete the necessary hours and competency to get passing grades. The Radiologic Technology and Medical Imaging Radiology is a degree where students must deal with patients and have in-person contact in order to take the best diagnostic medical images. The covid-19 virus was spread to the whole United States and was announced a pandemic beginning in March of 2020.

It got to the top peak level of exposure in hospitals within that time. In order to gather the data that would be used in this research, surveys would be sent out to both Juniors and Seniors in the program. which would represent the answers to how the pandemic affected students. Comparisons are going to be made on how students did and attended through the pandemic and after the pandemic between juniors and seniors. Analysis of how Radiology tech students attended school before, throughout, and after the pandemic (when vaccines were out), are going to be further critiqued and explained.

Once the Surveys have been answered the research would create a data and graph that would be analyzed in order to compare the Attendance and Performance in the Year 2020 to the Year 2022 to see if there were any changes that affected the student during those pandemic years. This is continuous research as the Covid-19 Pandemic is still active as of this day.


This poster was presented at the 36th Semi-Annual Dr. Janet Liou-Mark Honors & Undergraduate Research Poster Presentation, May 5, 2022. Mentor: Prof. Zoya Vinokur (Radiologic Technology).