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The future for science gateways warrants exploration as we consider the possibilities that extend well beyond science and high performance computing into new interfaces, applications and user communities. In this paper, we look retrospectively at the successes of representative gateways thus far. This serves to highlight existing gaps gateways need to overcome in areas such as accessibility, usability and interoperability, and in the need for broader outreach by drawing insights from technology adoption research. We explore two particularly promising opportunities for gateways - computational social sciences and virtual reality – and make the case for the gateway community to be more intentional in engaging with users to encourage adoption and implementation, especially in the area of educational usage. We conclude with a call for focused attention on legal hurdles in order to realize the full future potential of science gateways. This paper serves as a roadmap for a vision of science gateways in the next ten years.


Gesing, S., Brandt, S., Bradley, S., Potkewitz, M., Kee, K., Whysel, N., ... & Smith, J. (2021). A Vision for Science Gateways: Bridging the Gap and Broadening the Outreach. In Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing (pp. 1-8).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 License.



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