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Since we are living in a digital age, the need to protect ourselves and those who are vulnerable to cyber-attacks is paramount to prevent cyber attacks that steal information such as banking accounts and important sensitive information.

Our research team extensively investigated the five aspects of cybersecurity such as identity, protection, detection, and response. By conducting various interviews with cybersecurity professionals, we gathered information about these five aspects for example security intelligence or security operations and response, (thread hunting, response orchestration) identity access management, (identity management, and data protection), and risks (risk perspective). Our main goal is to look into how the five aspects of cyber security apply to real-world scenarios. We are also focusing on understanding how companies do their cyber infrastructure, their framework. We also examined how companies test their disaster recovery plan and what are the steps being taken if they were to be hit with a disaster event such as losing the data.

Our interviews addressed the main questions of how the company handles its employees and its procedures for securing data. In recent years, they have made some serious changes when it comes to the controls of protecting data or information because now they focus on security operations and response, identity access management, and risk perspective.

We also found out that the IT industry is constantly changing its methods over time to adapt to the changing cyber threats. Methods such as how we handle security, and the controls for protecting from cyber threats are some examples of what has been adapted to the new threats. We intend to continue the interviews in the future as well as keep looking for more information on how to safely secure the data or information of every computer system and grow the business.


This poster was presented at the CUNY Research Scholars Program Symposium 2022 at New York City College of Technology, July 27th, 2022.