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System engineering (SE) is a multidisciplinary approach for the design, management, and realization of a complex system. In product development, SE is utilized on structuring a product development process into simple and collaborative activities that proceed throughout the entire product life-cycle, while at the same time, supporting engineers’ decision making. Project based engineering design classes are suitable for undergraduate students to study and practice the concepts of SE while solving real-world design problems. In this paper, we document the product development process, especially the structured design methodologies used in an undergraduate Senior Design project. Student learning outcomes are assessed and compared with previous semesters. We have observed overall satisfying student learning in nearly all aspects. Hence, we believe the multidisciplinary project helps students learn valuable knowledge of SE that is usually acquired through real world working experiences.


Xiao, A., & Alba, R., & Yasar, O., & Zhang, A., & Gailani, G. B. (2019, June), Senior Design Case Study: Application of System Engineering Concepts in the Design of a Router Paper presented at 2019 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Tampa, Florida. 10.18260/1-2--33258, © 2019 American Society for Engineering Education.



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