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The study objective was to explore the impact of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on the clinics’ ability to provide continuous healthcare services to youth (15–24 years) living with HIV (YLWH). One focused semi-structured interview was conducted with each HIV clinic site—resulting in ten interviews. Data were analyzed using thematic analysis techniques assisted by NVIVO coding software and themes indicating barriers and facilitators to providing uninterrupted healthcare were elicited. Six themes were identified that affected the care continuum of YLWH: Timeframe of clinic preparation to address COVID-19 restrictions; impact on treatment cascade monitoring data; impact on patient care; impact on staff and services offered; software use and virtual visits; community impact. With careful planning and preparation, clinics were able to successfully implement a process of care that adapted to COVID-19 restrictions. Guidance is provided on how healthcare facilities can effectively incorporate strategies to provide continued services during pandemics and natural disasters.


Dark, T., Gurung, S., Dooley, M. et al. Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Care Continuum of Youth Living with HIV: Qualitative Study of the Scale It Up Program Clinical Sites. AIDS Behav (2022).



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