Publications and Research

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Book Chapter or Section

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Spring 2014


CUNY community colleges occupy a unique niche because they are part of a larger geographically focused university system in which all faculty members are governed by a single set of standards for professional development. Research is clearly a part of the wider institutional culture, and dedicated faculty members who obtained support from state and federal funding agencies have conducted successful student-research programs. Close partnerships between community colleges and their four-year counterparts can contribute to positive student outcomes and to the subsequent transfer of students. The main roadblock to broadening participation is the small number of students who can be supported by internal and external grant programs; further efforts to integrate research into the curriculum will be required to overcome this problem.


This chapter originally appeared in Tapping the Potential of All Undergraduate Research at Community Colleges, a 2014 publication of the Council on Undergraduate Research. The full publications is available at:



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