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Summer 8-2020


City University of New York's pre-service teachers in clinical coursework (fieldwork and student teaching) during AY20-21 will face new and emerging challenges. Developing relationships with cooperating teachers, students and families, some of whom may have experienced significant trauma during the pandemic; teaching content remotely; utilizing new technologies — these are just some examples of the topics included in this brief. Sections are intended for pre-service teacher candidates, clinical supervisors, principals and cooperating teachers. Many resources include links to citations so that readers can explore them in greater depth as they think through planning, enacting and assessing remote learning, whether it’s synchronous or asynchronous, and regardless of one's content area or grade band. The aim of this topic brief on remote student teaching is to equip students in clinical experiences to be able to use and adapt resources to what works for them and their context.


A short YouTube video accompanies this brief, to be used as a simple introduction with college students. It can be found on the CUNY Teacher Education Playlist:

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