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This submission is the dataset used for this project: Staff and faculty with transfer responsibilities may facilitate or hinder vertical (associate’s- to bachelor’s-degree) transfer student success. We therefore conducted a survey to compare the reported views on transfer of 607 staff and faculty with transfer responsibilities in associate’s or bachelor’s programs at 19 colleges of The City University of New York. Participant groups responded similarly with these notable exceptions: (1) Staff consistently reported feeling more confident and performing to a higher standard in their transfer responsibilities than did faculty. (2) Participants working with associate’s- as compared to bachelor’s-degree students were more likely to report that their colleges had sufficient resources to adequately provide the participant’s service. (3) Faculty working with associate’s-degree students were the least likely participant group to respond that the biggest barrier to the transfer process was GPA decline (transfer shock), and the most likely to respond that it was credit transfer; the reverse was true for faculty working with bachelor’s-degree students. Faculty may need more support in performing their transfer-related duties, including support that helps them bridge their differing views across college sectors, so that faculty can work together towards a common goal of transfer student success.