Student Theses

Date of Award

Spring 6-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Library Science/Master of Life Sciences (MLS)



First Advisor

Simone Yearwood


The children's library has the potential to not only aid in knowledge-seeking conquests but to help establish a relationship of acceptance between the differences spewing from the child's own self, and the diversity of their peers. The increasing rate of underrepresented peoples in America, and the growing number of representative titles, have contributed to the trend of diversity and inclusivity in the library.

The efforts to make the library diverse and representative have been an ongoing struggle, yet in recent times efforts have proved that the exposure of diversity and inclusivity is beneficial to children. While examining how diversity and inclusivity have been advocated for in the children's library and how it is beneficial to young learners, the researcher intends to explore how practicing public and school librarians maintain and promote collections that celebrate multiculturalism and inclusivity in literature. An online questionnaire was distributed to expose how diversity and inclusivity are advocated for and how it makes for a true reflection of the community that the library serves.



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