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Fall 2009


Purpose: This paper addresses a gap in the analysis of the dynamic and challenging relationship between libraries, Web 2.0 and young adults, suggesting the relevance of a critical approach.

Methodology/Approach: This paper represents an exploratory literature review with the objective of identifying a possible gap in the way the LIS community is addressing the concept of Web 2.0.

Findings: Findings indicate that the research produced in other fields, such as Communication or Computer Science; the way young adults interrelate with new technologies; and the need for collaboration between practitioners and researchers justify and support the use of a critical perspective to analyze the suggested topic.

Originality/Value: The call for a critical approach to technology is certainly not a novel suggestion in the LIS scholarship; however, its resurgence is extremely relevant for the LIS field because of the significant role that technology is playing in the daily life of the library and its users.


This is the accepted manuscript of an article published in Library Review, volume 58, issue 3.



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