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Fall 11-5-2019


This investigation sheds light on the teaching practices of Queens College (QC) faculty in Business. It identifies the Business faculty’s teaching support needs in order to develop ideas for improving Library services to them. This report is the result of research conducted under the guidance of Ithaka S+R, and in accordance with Office of Regulatory Compliance procedures at QC. Using a grounded theory approach to qualitative research, the investigators conducted in-person audio-recorded semi-structured interviews of seven full-time QC faculty who teach Business courses. Evidence derived from the transcribed interviews informed analysis of the current state of QC’s Business teaching experience, covering the areas of teaching methods, curricular goals & examinations, teaching tools, student outcomes & challenges, and teaching sources. This report concludes that the Library can investigate support opportunities in six areas through further discussions within its department, with potential college partners, and with the Business faculty. (1) Events in Library spaces may foster Business student engagement and career readiness. (2) Instruction efforts can expand the Library teaching of Business-related information and skills. (3) Personnel knowledgeable to teach Business-related information and skills are needed. (4) Promotion efforts may be able to address student challenges. (5) Resources, new or improved, can be acquired for Business-related information content. (6) Spaces can be extended for all kinds of teaching, and new spaces can be developed for data & trading.



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