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We present here a review of recent research on the role of metalinguistic and socio-cognitive factors in reading skill. We first review research how morphological awareness and orthographic processing impact the acquisition of reading skill. We show that the first might account for change over time, and the second may not. We then turn to our new studies examining the interplay between these two factors in reading development. In each of these domains, we test predictions of theories of reading development. Finally, we turn to research on a very different set of variables, which we term socio-cognitive. We explore the factors that support academic outcomes for university students with a history of reading difficulties, including the role of a range of coping strategies and support services. Together, we hope that this review inspires new inquiry into understanding the factors that underlie successful reading acquisition.


This work was originally published in "Developmental Perspectives in Written Language and Literacy," edited by E. Segers & P. van den Broek and published by John Benjamins.



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