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Spring 5-2019


Poetic Representation of Immigrant Bengali Women from Queens, New York: A Qualitative Exploration of Narrative in Relation to Physical and Cultural Migration is a qualitative poetic inquiry and collaborative creative writing project. Five participants were interviewed and invited to engage in a collaborative writing process with the themes of immigration, cultural negotiation, and oral family history. All participants identified as college-educated Bengali women with a connection to Queens, New York, as well as being an immigrant or relative of an immigrant in the United States. From transcriptions of one-on-one interviews and personal notes, research-poetry was created to center on the participants’ lived experience and yield insight into a number of themes found in participants’ narratives related to immigration, physical/cultural migration, the American Dream, model minority myth, cultural negotiation (integrating, differentiating, rejecting, assimilating, etc.), trauma, and oral family history. Participant and interviewers worked together to finalize pieces of poetry explore research-poetry as a way to honor and voice the narrative of immigrant Bengali women from Queens, New York.



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