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We report on reversible and continuously deformable soft micro-resonators and the control of their resonance split and directional emission. Assisted by computerized holographic-tweezers, functioning as an optical deformer of our device, we gradually deform the shape and change the functionality of a droplet whispering-gallery cavity. For example, we continuously deform hexagonal cavities to rectangular ones and demonstrate switching to directionally emitting mode-of-operation, or splitting a resonant mode to a 10-GHz separated doublet. A continuous trend of improving spatial light modulators and tweezers suggests that our method is scalable and can control the shape and functionality of many individual devices. We also demonstrate optional solidification, proving the feasibility of transformer-enabled applications, including in printing optical circuits and multiwavelength optical networks.


Originally published as: Douvidzon, Mark, Shai Maavani, Haral Nagar, Tamir Admon, Vladimir Shuvayev, Lan Yang, Lev Deych, Yael Roichman, and Tal Carmon."Toward Transformable Photonics: Reversible Deforming Soft Cavities, Controlling their Resonance Split and Directional Emission." APL Photonics, vol. 6, 2021, 071304. doi:

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