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As the amount of textual data available on the Internet grows substantially each year, there is a need for tools to assist with exploratory data analysis. Furthermore, to democratize the process of text analytics, tools must be usable for those with a non-technical background and those who do not have the financial resources to outsource their data analysis needs. To that end, we developed TextQ, which provides a simple, intuitive interface for exploratory analysis of textual data. We also tested the efficacy of TextQ using two case studies performed by subject matter experts—one related to a project on the detection of cyberbullying communication and another related to the user of
Twitter for influence operations. TextQ was able to efficiently process over a million social media messages and provide valuable insights that directly assisted in our research efforts on these topics. TextQ is built using an open access platform and object-oriented architecture for ease of use and installation. Additional features will continue to be added to TextQ, based on the needs and interests of the installed base.


This article was originally published as: Edwards, April, MaryLyn Sullivan, Ezrah Itkowsky, and Dana Weinberg. "TextQ—A User Friendly Tool for Exploratory Text Analysis." Information, vol. 12, no. 12, 2021, article 508, doi: 10.3390/info12120508

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