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Fall 11-10-2021


Think about all the things you have to do in a day, whether for work or play.

Think about all the ways you have to do that thing whether simple or complex.

Think about all the resources you have or don’t have, whether it is money, people, places or things.

Think about all the time you have, whether it is a minute or a day.

Now, plan how you will get it all done today or tomorrow or by a due date.

This is project management! This is every day and for everyone.

When we think about project management, sometimes we think about whether or not we are in the role of a project manager or if what we do is considered a project. Sometimes, we think it is complicated and requires complex tools. Sometimes, we think it is a list of tasks so we focus on the tasks. Sometimes, we think it is someone else’s job so we put it out of our minds. This presentation will focus on the benefits of project management to the professional whether or not that professional has the role of project manager. Everyone can use project management to make work better and efficient.



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