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CAPTIONS for CHIMERICAL MOSAIC : SELF TEST KIT IN D# MINOR (This was never meant.) Return address: landscape of raindrops or holes. Enclosed, to be opened by recipient only: (1) a picture held within a picture; (2) maplike divination; (3) a specimen of missing twin; (4) capsules of pure time; (5) invisible tears. …Perhaps you will wonder if these contents are alive or simply uncanny. …Perhaps you will seek in vain a symmetry that no longer exists. Let its absence equal noon , unreal gravities and unspeakable thirsts. (Do not estimate what she knows.) A mirror is also an exit. Yet a helix is also a net. Keep us safe; keep us from falling; keep us from being lost again. … Fold, cut, tear along these perforated edges. Even if it means forgetting. Even if it means ever letting go. [ NOTES: chimerism (genetic) mosaicism . j’optta . i’there is no . i’gone . ]


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