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Any departure from graphene’s flatness leads to the emergence of artificial gauge fields that act on the motion of the Dirac fermions through an associated pseudomagnetic field. Here, we demonstrate the tunability of strong gauge fields in nonlocal experiments using a large planar graphene sheet that conforms to the deformation of a piezoelectric layer by a surface acoustic wave. The acoustic wave induces a longitudinal and a giant synthetic Hall voltage in the absence of external magnetic fields. The superposition of a synthetic Hall potential and a conventional Hall voltage can annihilate the sample’s transverse potential at large external magnetic fields. Surface acoustic waves thus provide a promising and facile avenue for the exploitation of gauge fields in large planar graphene systems


Originally published as: Zhao, Pai, Chithra H. Sharma, Renrong Liang, Christian Glasenapp, Lev Mourokh, Vadim M. Kovalev, Patrick Huber, Marta Prada, Lars Tiemann, and Robert H. Blick. "Acoustically Induced Giant Synthetic Hall Voltages in Graphene," Physical Review Letters, vol. 128, 2022, 256601. doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.128.256601



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