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Integrated planar lenses are critical components for analog optical information processing that enable a wide range of applications including beam steering. Conventional planar lenses require gradient index control which makes their on-chip realization challenging. Here, we introduce a new approach for beam steering by designing an array of coupled waveguides with segmented tails that allow for simultaneously achieving planar lensing and off-chip radiation. The proposed arrayed waveguide lens is built on engineering the evanescent coupling between adjacent channels to realize a photonic lattice with an equi-distant ladder of propagation constants that emulates the continuous parabolic index profile. Through coupled-mode analysis and full-wave numerical simulations, we show that selective excitation of waveguide channels enables beam steering with large field-of-views of ∼60°. The proposed arrayed waveguide lens can serve as a compact component in integrated photonic circuits for applications in imaging, sensing, and metrology.


Originally published as: Honari-Latifpour, Mostafa, Ali Binaie, Mohammad Amin Eftekhar, Nicholas Madamopoulos and Mohammad-Ali Miri. "Arrayed Waveguide Lens for Beam Steering." Nanophotonics, doi: 10.1515/nanoph-2022-0198

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