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The literature on assessing education abroad is dominated by studies using pre-/post-survey instruments to measure student growth across broad dimensions like global perspectives or intercultural competencies. Most studies also focus on study abroad programs in private, four-year or graduate schools. There is limited research assessing programs in community colleges serving underrepresented students, despite the increasing diversity of education abroad participants. This article addresses that gap, and even more important, illustrates the process of how an urban, Minority Serving Institution-designated community college designed a culturally responsive assessment framework—one that that combines quantitative analysis of surveys with qualitative analysis of student e-Portfolios— aligned to their institutional learning outcomes and specific student body needs.



Pai, G., & Wilson, K. (2019). Developing a culturally responsive assessment model for short-term study abroad at an urban community college. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, 30(4), 157-186.



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