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Spring 4-23-2023


Healthcare Administration Database is a ProQuest database that
covers the wide-ranging areas of health care management, includ-
ing health care administration, health professionals, hospitals,
public health, insurance, law, statistics, and ethics. The database
is ideal for researchers, undergraduate students, and graduate stu-
dents in health care, medicine, nursing, and related fields.
Healthcare Administration Database provides high-quality access
to peer-reviewed, scholarly journals, doctoral dissertations, theses,
and business reports on health care–related topics. The database
is powered by ProQuest’s platform, which is a staple for many ac-
ademic libraries, and provides an easy-to-use system with options
for basic and advanced searches. Access to technical support is
provided by ProQuest and can be customized by the institutional
library as well.
This subscription-based database is a welcome addition to any li-
brary’s collection, especially those libraries with a focus on health
care, medicine, and nursing resources.


Author: Sugrim, Sonali

Source: The Charleston Advisor, Volume 24, Number 4, 1 April 2023, pp. 37-40(4)




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