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Summer 7-2023


Starting a new job comes with its unique challenges. New librarians are expected to develop an understanding of their roles, often with no guidance. For assorted reasons, including staffing, time, and lack of planning, many libraries do not have an onboarding process. This article explores from a librarian’s perspective the key ingredients needed when starting a new job in this hybrid environment, with a focus on the importance of an onboarding process that prioritizes effective communication, documentation of institutional knowledge, and the long-term success of librarians. This article is a call for library leadership to do more to ensure librarians succeed in their roles. Library leadership for the purpose of this article extends to anyone in the library with a managerial role and the authority to effect change.


Sugrim, S. (2023). The Importance of an Onboarding Process for Librarian Success. Journal of New Librarianship, 8(2), 69–73.



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