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In the architecture of leadership, organizations continuously seek those in leadership positions who can demonstrate a correlation between good behavior and personality construct (Gautam 2009). Behavioral integrity is centered on how leaders and followers can build relationships by focusing on honesty, trust, respect and being ethical towards meeting both internal and external stakeholder needs. The ethical abilities of leaders and followers determine how they are able to move an organization’s strategy and goals into creating innovation and remaining on the competitive edge (Velthouse & Kandogan 2007). The behavioral integrity of leaders towards followers determines the performance level and creativity of followers. The behavioral integrity of followers is strongly based on the relationship they have with their leaders and the way in which leaders motivate and add value to followers by encouraging honest innovation that will add value to the overall strategy of an organization. Today’s leaders need to foster good behavior and ethical value to improve the relationship between them and their followers (Hartman 1997). This paper is centered on behavioral integrity and will analyze the role of strategy, innovation, and vision on both leaders and followers.


This work was originally published in Philosophy Study, available at doi: 10.17265/2159-5313/2017.08.0

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