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Fall 11-27-2023


The emergence of ChatGPT and its ability to imitate student work has precipitated a crisis in education. Responses range from practical efforts to detect or prevent ChatGPT use to existential reflection about learning and assessment. However, the crisis is also epistemological, with educators struggling to determine what students know and fearing that student knowledge is diminishing. The educational philosophies of Socrates, Dewey, and Freire suggest that recognition of ignorance of different kinds (inquisitive, predictive, and practical)on the part of educators is uncomfortable but essential for improving the aims and methods of education. In this way, ChatGPT and the philosophy of education can be mutually illuminating.


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Silva Sibilin, Casandra. “Education and the Epistemological Crisis in the Age of ChatGPT.” Critical Review: A Journal of Politics and Society, 1-12.

Available for download on Tuesday, May 27, 2025