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This study was undertaken to learn about public librarians' attitudes and opinions concerning the sometimes conflicting issues of intellectual freedom, collection balance, and controversial materials. The investigation focused on Holocaust-denial literature, a body of work which tries to dispute or deny outright the historical reality of the Holocaust. The results, while ambiguous in some areas, indicate that librarians are more open to Holocaust-revisionist literature than had been predicted and, regardless of outside pressures, would acquire and provide ready access to this material in their libraries.


The file uploaded here is a pre-print version of a journal article that was later published as: Drobnicki, John A., Carol R. Goldman, Trina R. Knight, and Johanna V. Thomas. 1995. Holocaust-denial literature in public libraries: An investigation of public librarians' attitudes regarding acquisition and access. Public & Access Services Quarterly 1(1): 5-40.



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