The Graduate Center (GC) is the principal doctorate-granting institution of the City University of New York. Offering more than thirty doctoral degrees and fostering globally significant research in a wide variety of centers and institutes, the GC provides rigorous academic training in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Through its extensive public programs—lectures, conferences, performances, and exhibitions—the Graduate Center contributes to the intellectual and cultural life of New York City and affirms its commitment to the premise that knowledge is a public good.

Academic Works provides a way for the Graduate Center community to store, preserve, and provide global access to its scholarly, creative, and pedagogical works. It can accommodate almost any kind of work, including articles, book chapters, conference papers, datasets, educational materials, and images. Academic Works also holds Graduate Center dissertations, master’s theses, and capstone projects.

Want to contribute to Academic Works? Current members of the GC faculty and professional staff may self-submit their works to Faculty Publications and Research. Current GC students may self-submit their works to Graduate Student Publications and Research. (Note that students do not submit their dissertations or theses directly, or capstone projects to Academic Works. See the library’s deposit procedures.) Current GC faculty, staff, and students may self-submit educational materials they have created (textbooks, class lectures, activities/labs, syllabi, etc.) to Open Educational Resources. Centers, institutes, and offices are encouraged to contact about adding their publications.

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