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Economics Terminates Black Third Level Student. Christina Pretto (p. 1)

York College Obstructs Club Planning Anti-Reynolds Forum (p. 1)

College Association Votes to Reinstate Student Stipends. Pam Donovan (p. 1)

Amid Student Concern, History Courts Caribbeanist Colin Palmer. Michael Weinstein-Mohammed (p. 1)

Masthead (p. 2)

Action on Campus

Latin American Program Formed. Michael Weinstein-Mohammed (p. 2)

Need More Library Hours? Michael Weinstein-Mohammed (p. 2)

Tomfoolery: Notes of a Radical, Post-Haste. Tom Smith (p. 2)

Engineering Student from Serbia Killed in Car Accident; Driver Arrested. Pam Donovan (p. 2)

Action in Public

Social Mobilization? Michael Weinstein-Mohammed (p. 3)

Resolution by the Doctoral Students’ Council Condemning the Chancellor’s Policies (p. 3)

Arts and Entertainment

Film Reviews: On One Sweet Couple and Those Who Inhaled. Pam Donovan (p. 4)

Where it’s @!: The Top Ten: Jonathan Richman Gets Number 3. Tom Burgess (p. 4)

Field Guide to Manhattan Bands. Tom Burgess (p. 10)

Season of the Witch. Tom Burgess (p. 11)


S/M as Everyday Life: GSUC Grad Lynn Chancer Discusses Capital. Jennifer Disney (p. 5)


Trying to Recover - Avoiding Incompletes: Less Constitutes More. Christina Pretto (p. 6)

Letters to the Editor

Selfish Student “Leaders” Serve Only Themselves. E.C. Hall (p. 6)

Another Attack on the DSC and Democracy. Jarred Hayes, DSC Co-chair (p. 6)


Can “Feminists” Agree on Anything? Elizabeth Powers (p. 7)

Thoughts on Yeltsin and the Future of Socialism in Russia. Anthony Marcus (p. 8)

Survival Skills

Facing a Subsistence Crisis? Maybe Substitute Teaching Is for You. Michael Weinstein-Mohammed (p. 9)

Trustees Fire College of Staten Island President. Christina Pretto (p. 9)

Announcements / Advertisements

Tell Us What You Think of the Computer Center! DSC (p. 2)

Reading Courses in French and German for Graduate Students. Atlantic Institute of Languages (p. 3)

Important Notice! The Black Student Alliance and The Association of Latino and Latino-American Students (p. 4)

Get Involved in The Graduate Student Advocate (p. 5)

Classifieds (p. 6)

Advocate Submissions Policy (p. 6)

Let the DSC Advocate for You (p. 7)

Having a Problem with Alcohol? AA at the CUNY Graduate Center (p. 9)

A.E.L.L.A. (Latino and Latin American Students Association of the Graduate Center (p. 10)

Are You a Revolutionary Communist? Would you Like to Become One? The Marxist Working Group, A DSC Chartered Organization (p. 11)



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