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Dennis Sullivan

Committee Members

Martin Bendersky

James Simons

Scott Wilson

Subject Categories

Geometry and Topology


almost complex structure, six sphere, rational homotopy theory, de rham homotopy


In his seminal paper Infinitesimal Computations in Topology, Sullivan constructs algebraic models for spaces and then computes various invariants using them. In this thesis, we use those ideas to obtain a finiteness result for such an invariant (the de Rham homotopy type) for each connected component of the space of cross-sections of certain fibrations. We then apply this result to differential geometry and prove a finiteness theorem of the de Rham homotopy type for each connected component of the space of almost complex structures on a manifold. As a special case, we discuss the space of almost complex structures on the six sphere and conclude a conjecture about the ordinary homotopy type of that space.



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