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Liberal Studies


Kristina Richardson

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History | Holocaust and Genocide Studies | Islamic World and Near East History


Turkish, Armenian, Genocide, World War I, Great War, Russia


This paper examines the long-standing debate over the events that transpired during the late Ottoman Empire between local Armenians and their predominately Muslim neighbors as well as the government. The term, “Armenian Genocide” has been used often to describe these tragic events. My writing goes into depth regarding the background history of this term. I write about the narrative of what happened between the two major groups during the late 19th and early 20th centuries as told by multiple different scholars. Narratives included are of Abdul Hamid II’s reign, the political parties created by Armenians in order for protest, the connections of the minority group with the Russians, as well as the deportations that took place afterward. It is also addressed here the definitions of the different terms including “genocide” that are unfortunately today used interchangeably. Here, comparisons are made between the main topic of Armenians and Turks, and other similar events throughout history like the Holocaust, Yugoslavian wars, and the Circassian Genocide respectively.