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Capstone Project

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Digital Humanities


Lisa M. Rhody

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Digital Humanities


Translation Database, Visualization, Network, Arabic, Women Writers, Timeline


The translation of women writers from the Arab world in the West contributes to the harmful and inaccurate stereotyping of women from the region in the Global North as oppressed and silenced. In this paper, I describe the rationale and building process for “The repository of books by women from the Arab world translated to English”, a digital project built to counter this flattened image of women from the Arab world by shedding light on the books translated so far and exposing the patterns in the choice and translation of books from Arabic to English. I start by discussing the problem with translating books by women from Arabic to English and the need to do it more broadly as a way to show more diversity in the topics discussed. I then describe the database compilation process and the website development process while explaining the design choices.

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