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Data Analysis & Visualization


Kevin Ferguson

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Advertising and Promotion Management | American Politics | American Popular Culture | Music Business | Music Performance | Other American Studies | Other Music | Politics and Social Change | Race and Ethnicity | Social Control, Law, Crime, and Deviance | Translation Studies


data, data analysis, hip hop, marketing, social justice, activism


It is still fresh in our minds that we witnessed the case of George Floyd's murder by excessive police brutality in 2020. The video footage spread around the world overnight, and despite the incident that occurred amid the first ever COVID-19 quarantine policy measures, it caught the attention of people worldwide and led to protests in support of humanity and Black lives. At that time, even though a lot of people stayed inside, the protests were seen every week nationwide, and it did not take too long to create a global movement. Notably, while the protestors continued delivering their message, Public Enemy's "Fight The Power" served as a powerful fitting backdrop. Originally released in 1989, the song became one of the catalytic anthems for the rise of Black culture during the Rodney King’s case with 4 abusive police officers trial in 1992. Now over three decades later, the song’s enduring message once again was highlighted as the persistent struggle for justice remarkably exposed.

In this digital age, the internet secured its position as the standard medium of communication, and the world is smaller as a finger-click away, allowing a 70-year-old's wisdom in a remote village in 8,000 miles of distance and a New York Times' best-selling author would access the same song simultaneously. Through a comprehensive analysis, this study will contribute to our understanding of how the ever-changing relationship between music, its distribution method, along with activism, and cultural shifts with a specific focus on the impact of "Fight The Power" utilizing its longevity.

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