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Capstone Project

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Data Analysis & Visualization


Michelle McSweeney

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Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Secondary Education


NYC Public High School graduation rates, Graduation disparities, Disabilities, Economic difficulties, Language barriers, NYC Public High School demographics


This capstone project is to provide visual evidence about the factors related to high school graduation rates of New York City public high school students. By analyzing the NYC public high school data, including graduation rates, school survey results, and school funding allocations, this project explores the graduation gaps among different student bodies, such as ethnic groups and school locations. The graduation disparities across the five boroughs are further examined for students with disabilities, economic difficulties, and language barriers. School-level data is used to visualize the gaps in school performances and funding allocations across the five boroughs. Lastly, the visualization of the 2022-23 High School Quality Review and Survey Results for the six framework elements by school borough presents areas that each school borough should improve. The goal of these visualizations is to promote the importance of racial/ethnic diversity, student/family economic stability, English language learning programs, and student support services in schools to foster student success toward graduation.

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