Graduation Date

Fall 12-13-2019

Grading Professor

Salma Abdelnour Gilman

Subject Concentration

Health & Science

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


“We know more about outer space than we do the ocean,” says Vicki Ferrini, a research scientist at Columbia University with over 20 ocean expeditions under her belt. And as the woman leading Seabed 2030, the charge to map the world’s oceans—which are 85% unexplored—she knows how vital this is to combat climate change and exactly how she’s going to do it. Read it here:

PHOTO_Feder_Shira_sequence#1.jpg (266 kB)
Rockaway Beach in winter. Photo by Shira Feder

VIDEO_Feder_Shira.mp4 (52741 kB)
How Does Ocean Mapping Work? Explainer video by Shira Feder

PHOTO_Feder_Shira_sequence#2.jpg (3513 kB)
Some of the existing literature on ocean exploration, from the library of the Gebco Nippon training program. Photo by Shira Feder

PHOTO_Feder_Shira_sequence#3.jpeg (77 kB)
Painting of the Mid-Ocean Ridge with rift axis by Heinrich Berann based on the scientific profiles of Marie Tharp and Bruce Heezen (1977). Credit: Wikicommons

PHOTO_Feder_Shira_sequence#4.jpg (3473 kB)
Teaching at the Gebco training program, located within the University of New Hampshire. Photo by Shira Feder

PHOTO_Feder_Shira_sequence#5.jpeg (131 kB)
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory campus, where both Marie Tharp and Vicki Ferrini worked on mapping the ocean. Photo by Shira Feder

PHOTO_Feder_Shira_sequence#6.jpg (1872 kB)
Diego Billings is from Jamaica and Ryosuke Nagasawa is from Japan. They're both students in the Gebco training program. Photo by Shira Feder

PHOTO_Feder_Shira_sequence#7.jpg (2393 kB)
At the conference, an AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) is shown to a collection of scientists. Photo by Shira Feder



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