Graduation Date

Winter 12-18-2015

Grading Professor

Jarrett Murphy

Subject Concentration

Health & Science

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


This article examines a case in criminal law that started 17 years ago and has yet to be resolved. Despite a plethora of mounting evidence, including a confession, more than a dozen witnesses, a proven false alibi, impeaching evidence against police and DNA evidence, Bronx-born Angel Cordero's conviction has yet to be overturned. The article breaks down what went wrong in the initial trial, discusses Cordero's multiple appeals and takes a broader look at what needs to change in today's judicial system.

labreport.pdf (429 kB)
DNA evidence: Rivas's clothes did not have the victim's blood. State Medical Examiner's Office

Samplesaff (1).pdf (166 kB)
DNA evidence letter, State Medical Examiner's Office

CCRB.jpg (1640 kB)
Civilian Complaint Review Board records against two of the four police witnesses against Cordero.

dario_confession.jpg (1639 kB)
Dario Rodriguez's four-page sworn statement confessing to Cordero's crime. Dated Nov. 28, 2006

mercado_letter.jpg (1764 kB)
Jason Mercado's letter which the court denied as Rosario material.



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